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Jan 8, 2013 1:30pm PST
to stand, nathan alby [sounds like], sheila -- stephanie ashley [sounds like] and philip reed [sounds like] was watching from home with the little one. amazing that people take time off and still was the board of supervisors. thank you very much. i also want to acknowledge the amazing campaign staff that i had because i too had an amazing campaign staff including kelly croft and seth richard, and all the amazing and incredible people dedicated their time, rosie dilger [sounds like] who is also here but so many of you. and most importantly, i want to thank the 24,044 voters of district 9, but who is counting, right? who voted for me. but also the other voters who engaged in this process. thank you for being a part of this process. you know, the thing about what happens in city hall is that often times it's the political drama that perhaps gets the most attention. a lot has been written for infants about the board presidency , what is going to happen here. i don't have a prepared speech. the thing that came to me was trying to put context to what we engaged with here today. was t
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
could be challenged now in the primaries before he has to face ashley judd which would be kind of awesome. that's a debate i would love to see by the way is mitch mcconnell versus ashley judd, you know. >> stephanie: or any of the judds really. you also talk about the bonuses that the fiscal vote cliff tossed the hastert rule into the toilet and flushed. >> yeah, that was the thing dennis hastert gave the speech and i forget what year, early when he was speaker of the house and if you don't remember dennis hastert, think about your very heavy uncle who breathes heavy and wears squinty glasses. >> breathes through his mouth. >> hitting the gavel. [heavy breathing] he had this rule that he started that said he would not allow any bill to be voted on unless it had a majority of the majority in favor of it. so that meant there couldn't be coalitions of say moderate republicans and democrats that could get a bill through. it had to -- it had to appease the nuts on some level. and so this broke that. the fiscal cliff deal because it only had 85 i think republicans voted for it. and t
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> but he dated her. >> who hasn't dated -- i dated taylor swift. >> stephanie: really, you are just going to be a song run now. she and john mayer and kerry washington are friends, alicia keys ashley judd all parties with the presy. >> did you meet the pres. >> stephanie: i met him at a party at oprahs. >> i love that. i was at oprah's house. they said it was a party in oprah's meadow. it was a swamp. you couldn't get anywhere near the house. it was like come to this fund raiser in my swamp. and i did. so i met him but i just shook his hand. kelly clarkson just partied at the white house, michelle obama seriously school first lady. however, i'm anti-bangs? [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: they don't work on her. i don't like them. i have bangs. >> i thought she looked very -- it was very youthful and bouncy. >> stephanie: my friends fall in two distinct camps of pro bangs and anti-bangs. and a couple of people have said i agree, i don't like them. >> i think she looked great both ways. >> stephanie: yeah, she is gorgeous. producer and rapper will-i-am. who i met. so
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am EST
. good morning. >> good morning. i'm madison. i am a rookie on the team. >> welcome. >> i'm ashley. this is my fourth season. >> i'm tiana. my second year on the squad. >> i'm stephanie. i'm a rookie and originally from richmond, virginia. >> everybody is here now. i've heard some rookies. the great thing about this squad, this is everybody's first time in this position. got to be exciting. >> super exciting. we've been working hard for this game. >> are there new routines, new uniforms? what's new? >> right now for the playoffs we do have all new routines, so you'll get to see something new. our uniforms, we do have from last year. but they're still gorgeous and very warm. >> that's good. and how do you stay warm? it's what i've always wanted to know. or is that too high secret? >> we always stay warm, and even if we're not, we look like we are. >> we want to show you some of the uniforms back in the history of this squad. check it out. they don't look like what you're acustommed to today, perhaps. this looked like something i wore in high school, really. i'm not sure what year th
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)